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We currently carry stock in many grades and thicknesses of Carbon and Stainless Steel as well as Aluminum and Plastics.
  • CNC Laser Cutting
  • Sheet Fabrication
  • Structural Fabrication
  • Tube Forming
  • Machining
  • Light Assembly
  • Media Blasting
  • Powder Coating

Specialized Areas

CNC Laser Cutting

Our Flat Bed lasers have a 1" Carbon Steel,1/2" Stainless Steel and 3/8 Aluminum capacity. 60" x 120" stock sized sheets can be ran automated or singally as well as 48" x 192" sheets with repositioning We can etch or cut any profile into your product to meet your requirements as well.

Our Tube laser can handle any round tube up to 12" in Dia or 10" x 10" square and 26 feet in length We have a 4k Resonator that will handle 3/4" thick wall in Carbon Steel, 3/8" thick in Stainless Steel and 1/4" thick in Aluminum. As we are cutting holes and profiles, we can also tap holes from #10 - 1/2" with our automated tapping head and cut weld prep bevels for you. With Automated loading and unloading we can process your parts efficiently and effectively as well.

If your product requires 1-1,000,000 flat pieces or tubing, we are confident that our lasers can handle your expectations We have the ability to cut your 3 pc prototype before lunch and then cut 3,000 pcs that night with our Lights Out Automation No job is "Too Big" or "Too Small" when it comes to our Laser Cutting Dept.

Material Polishing / Graining
Our Timesaver can Polish up to 52" wide, 6" tall, and an unlimited length.
Sheet Fabrication
Our Press Brake Dept. consists of state of the art machinery from LVD and tooling from Wila. When we combine that with our trained operators, you will have formed components that meet or exceed your tolerances and your quality requirements. Fab Werks Inc has been partnering with LVD for many years and constantly invests in the newest technology to give our customers what they come to expect from us. Our precision ground tooling and cnc backguaging ensures that you get quality parts formed exactly the same every time you purchase them. We currently form up to 20' in length and have tooling to form 22ga thru 3/4" plate.
Structural Fabrication
Our structural fabrication on beams and angle can be as simple as a few coped ends and drilled holes to utilizing our FG300 laser to tab and lock pieces together and create a perfect structure. Beams ,channels ,angles etc can be processed with holes, slots, hex shapes, keyhole cutouts or even with your company logo cut thru. We took structural fabrication to the next level with our lasers and solid modeling software. 1 beam or 1000 beams... they will all be exactly the same.
Tube Forming
Fab Werks Inc invested into tube forming to deliver a completed product to our customers after we were laser cutting their tube and pipe products. Our Tubing Dept. is able to roll up to 2.5"dia with a 1/8 wall Stainless tube as well as non-mandrel bend from 3/8 dia thru 3" dia tube as well as sch 40 pipe in that range. Our most demanding customers have us utilize both machines and form 90deg bends in one direction as well as roll the remaining tube into a certain radius. We always like to take our customers products and go a step further. We will laser cut holes and shapes prior to forming and then form them to their print.
Our Machining Dept. has evolved from a hand drill in 1998 to a Mazak VMC that will take our weldments and laser cut shapes and machine them into precision parts within .0005. Our work envelope is 20"in the "Z", 20" in the "Y" and 40" in the "X". Machining faces or cutting precision o-ring grooves is easily accomplished when you couple our 30 tool change capability with Mazak's programming. Gang drilling and tapping to radial drill work is performed daily as well on many different projects.
Media Blasting
Fab Werks Inc is able to blast scale off of structural shapes 30' in length as well as glass bead blast 10,000# Stainless weldments. We have blast cabinets for the smaller jobs and a blast room for the larger items. Spec out the media that you want us to use for your desired finish and we'll blast every square inch to give you a uniform finish throughout your product.
Powder Coating
If you are looking to provide a final coating on your product that will last for years then you want to have it Powder Coated. Powder Coating can be done in 1000's of different RAL spec'd colors or we can make a special color just for you. We run 25-30 different colors and textures a day to keep our customers products moving along and giving them a quality product. When using the RAL numbers, we can perfectly match colors with other manufacturer's products or we can keep your selected color looking the same year after year.
After we have Laser cut your parts and formed them to exact dimensions, we will weld them in one of our 8 welding stations. Every one of our stations utilizes Weldsale Platten welding tables and various clamps to hold your product flat and to the correct size before welding. We have outfitted every station with a Tig and Mig welding source and Torit supplied dust collection to keep our workers safe. Our 5ton overhead bridge crane will pick up the large parts and flip them as needed to give the best possible position to perform a quality weld. After welding, we will grind flat or perform polishing if needed with our vast selection of Dynabrade tools. All of our welders take great pride in putting all of the pieces together to give our customers the finished products they are looking for.

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