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Fab Werks Inc continually invests in the latest technology to provide our customers with quality that they can depend on every day.
  • CNC Laser Cutting
  • Sheet Fabrication
  • Structural Fabrication
  • Tube Forming
  • Machining
  • Welding
  • Media Blasting
  • Powder Coating

Specialized Areas

4K Optiplex Nexus 3015 Fiber w/ LUL

The Optiplex Nexus 3015 Fiber is designed to integrate Intelligent Setup and Monitoring Functions, the NEXUS delivers features normally available only on the highest technology machines. These features simplify operation and reduce operator dependency. OPTIPLEX NEXUS Fiber is equipped with sensors in the Multi-Function Torch that monitor piercing and cutting operations to improve throughput and part quality. If an anomaly is detected, the operation is adjusted or paused to automatically achieve effective cutting conditions.

52" wide Dual Head Timesaver

This machine is a great boon for customers who require a fully deburred part. Its multi-directional brush design uniformly deburrs and finishes the edges of laser-cut, punched and machined parts in one pass, saving you valuable time and money in the process. Ideal for deburring and rounding the edges of small to large metal parts.

Mazak Mark III

The STX Mark III utilizes many features developed for Mazak’s Hyper Series machines. They include intelligent setup functions for automated nozzle spatter removal, a three station nozzle changer and focal point measurement and adjustment capability. These special features are found within the Opti-Pod Tool Box. The Mark III also incorporates a new Servo Focus Torch. This servo driven system significantly reduces piercing time and increases productivity. Additional new technology includes a High Accuracy Auto Centering Lens and Nozzle design that further reduces setup and increases productivity. With 4k of power, we can cut heavy plate as well as thin gauge stainless without any employee intervention. We process up to 1" mild steel plate, 1/2" stainless and 3/8" aluminum on a daily basis.

Mazak Mark II w/ Load/Unload
The STX Mark II is a 2.5k machine that was built for reliability and quality cutting on thick or thin plate. With Auto Focus technology and a Load/Unload system, we can cut lights out thru different materials and thicknesses. We are able to process 3/4" mild steel plate, 3/8" stainless and 3/16 aluminum with ease.
Mazak 1500 watt Champ
This was our 1st laser purchased in 2000 and has cut hundreds of thousands of parts thru the years. We currently utilize this machine for "HOT" jobs and to cut plastic or wood. It has a 48 X 96 table and cuts 1/2" mild steel, 3/16" stainless and 1/8" aluminum.
Mazak Fabrigear 300 Tube and Pipe Laser

The 3D FABRI GEAR 300 cuts a wide variety of tubes and pipes including round, square, rectangular and triangular. It can also process I and H beams, C-channel, angle iron and additional user-defined shapes from mild or stainless steel. This extensive range of capabilities makes the machine ideal for many industries and applications.

Featuring a powerful, high-precision 6-axis laser, the 3D FABRI GEAR 300 can handle larger, longer, thicker and heavier material than similar machines due to its rigid workpiece handling system incorporating a four chuck design. It also has improved processing speeds, tighter tolerances and can be used for drilling and tapping. Having 6-axis laser cutting means you can cut at any desired angle for weld prep, plus achieve the highest accuracy for easy fit-up of assemblies - all in a single program cycle. Program-controlled loading, workholding, and unloading make it an efficient fabrication cell requiring minimal labor input for small to large volume part production. Our 4k resonator capacity is 3/4" on mild steel, 3/8" on stainless and 1/4" on aluminum. We can process up to 12" in dia and 27 feet in length with our automated loading and unloading.

These press brakes can outperform all others in it's class. We have 240 tons and 150 tons across 10' beds and utilize Wila Precision tooling for every job. A true 8-axis machine where we can tilt the ram, move our back gage fingers parallel to the dies or put them on an angle to the dies. Our back gage will elevate the fingers to meet the top of the lower die or go higher to meet the part after a few bends are put in. We have 2 fingers that will skate left to right to avoid cut outs, provide the ability to stage bend or just plain move out of the way. When it comes to long parts, we also have cnc crowning to give you a perfect bend angle across the entire part. LVD's Cadman control gives us the ability to program offline as well as at the machine. All 8 axis are controlled by Cadman and provide us the ability to set up and run jobs very efficiently and cost effectively.
Our 7 axis machine has all the features of the PPEB-8 machines except the ability to position our back gage non-parallel to the die sets. We had this machine built with 440 tons over a 20' bed length. Cadman control, Wila Precision tooling and 7 axis ability to give the quality and precision that you have come to expect from us. What we have done with 10' long parts for years, we can now do with 20' long parts.
Tube Bending Equipment
We have invested in Baleigh tube forming and rolling equipment and have the ability to form up to 3" and roll up to 2.5" tubing. We form decorative Stainless piping as well as Sch 40 safety handrails. With digital readouts on all of the equipment, we can dial in the springback and make repeatable bends with ease.
Sheet and Plate rolls
Our WDM sheet and plate roll has a capacity of 1/4" mild steel over 72" width. The 403 Series 4-roll double pinch plate bending machine is in a sense a 3-roll initial pinch plate bending machine with an extra bending roll on the front side of the pinch rolls. The advantage of this type of machine is that it enables us to roll the workpiece from the leading to the trailing edge with minimal and usually negligible flats. As a rule of thumb, the flats are less than 1 1/2 to 2 times the work piece thickness. This can be accomplished in a single pass without turning the work piece. All of the rolls have a digital readout so we can precisely adjust them to achieve repeatability and a quality roll of the material. We regularly roll cones as well with the smaller dia being 5" or larger.
General Fabrication Equipment
We optimize our fabrications with cnc equipment to give out customers a superior product at an affordable price without compromising quality. When a cnc operation isn't the best way to go to achieve the end result, we rely on our secondary machines to get the job done. We have Hyd-Mech saws, Spartan Ironworkers , Radial drill presses, Gang drills with tapping heads, Bridgeport milling machine, Piranha 1/4" x 10' hydraulic shear, Hypertherm Plasma cutters, Erico PW1000 stud welder and many misc hand drills etc.

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